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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Interactive Stations: Pasta

The next station we’re featuring on our blog is our Pasta station. This is a wonderful addition to any party - whether your having a social cocktail party or buffet dinner, at a wedding or corporate event. Our pasta station can be completely customized based on your taste preferences and budget.

Below we'll highlight several different options for pasta stations with different sauces, proteins, and toppings that can be added. Our chefs cook pasta at the station for each guest and can add on toppings of their choice.

Yes, every great pasta station starts off with...you guessed it...pasta! At an event, you want a pasta that is delicious and easy to eat. That's why the majority of our pasta stations include penne pasta and cheese tortellini. We can also include specialty shaped pastas, such as cavatappi, or different stuffed raviolis depending on taste and season, such as a butternut squash ravioli in the Fall.

One thing that makes our pasta stations so fantastic are our house made pasta sauces using tried and true Olympia chef recipes. Our most popular pasta sauces are our marinara, a vegetarian sauce, and our special recipe creamy alfredo. Depending on the type of pasta you're choosing, you may also opt for a different sauce such as beef bolognese, pink vodka sauce, a fresh basil pesto, or a butter white wine sauce with chopped tomatoes.  

You can also choose if you would like to offer any meat or seafood at your pasta station. Fan favorites are shrimp and scallops, with other options including sliced grilled chicken or crabmeat.

The pasta, sauce, and meats are tossed together by our chefs at the station and served to guests piping hot. Guests can request to add toppings in while the pasta cooks or they can add raw toppings to their pasta. Topping include shredded parmesan, sun-dried tomatoes, broccoli florets, sliced olives, sliced mushrooms, and chopped basil.

Thank you to Marilyn Shamblin of Rising Lotus Photography for all of the professional images.

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